tee off

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tee 1

1. The letter t.
2. Something shaped like a T.
3. Informal A T-shirt.
4. Sports & Games A mark aimed at in certain games, such as curling or quoits.
to a tee
Perfectly; exactly: a plan that suits me to a tee.

tee 2

1. A small peg with a concave top for holding a golf ball for an initial drive.
2. The designated area of each golf hole from which a player makes his or her first stroke.
3. A device used to stand a football on end for a kickoff.
4. A shaft with a concave top attached to a flat base, used to hold the ball in T-ball.
tr.v. teed, tee·ing, tees
To place (a ball) on a tee. Often used with up.
Phrasal Verb:
tee off
1. To drive a golf ball from the tee.
2. Slang To start or begin: They teed off the fundraising campaign with a dinner.
3. Slang To make angry or disgusted: The impertinent remarks teed the speaker off.

[Back-formation from obsolete Scots teaz (taken as a pl.)]

tee off

vb (adverb)
1. (Golf) golf to strike (the ball) from a tee, as when starting a hole
2. informal to begin; start
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Verb1.tee off - strike a ball from the teeing ground at the start of a hole
golf, golf game - a game played on a large open course with 9 or 18 holes; the object is use as few strokes as possible in playing all the holes
play - participate in games or sport; "We played hockey all afternoon"; "play cards"; "Pele played for the Brazilian teams in many important matches"

w>tee off

vieinen Ball vom (ersten) Abschlag spielen
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Dubai-born Indian amateur Rayhan Thomas will tee off alongside American Sean Crocker and England's Sam Horsfield from the 10th tee.
But when the year's second major championship got under way in perfect conditions yesterday, Mickelson officially withdrew and left first alternate Roberto Diaz to take his place alongside Stewart Cink and Steve Stricker in a group due to tee off at 2.
The Boys of all age groups will tee off from the blue tees and the girls will tee off from the Red Tees.
Tom Ziegler of Aceto, Jim Katz of Troy, Chris Halvorsen of Sartomer, and Cliffton Bobe of Aceto prepare to tee off.
The group will tee off at 10:54am (3:54pm BST) on the first day and in the second to last group at 1:50pm (6:50pm BST) on the second day.
with 27 players, including Filipino Cyna Rodriguez, yet to tee off for the second round and only 22 players in the clubhouse with two rounds under their belts.
The competitive rivalry continues early morning Thursday, when Spieth, McIlroy and Fowler tee off together at Abu Dhabi Golf Club, starting at 7.
Rory McIlroy, who has just secured his second Race to Dubai crown, will tee off on the Earth course's first hole as part of the DP World team in the morning shotgun, which kicks off at 7 am.
Family affair: Rory and dad Gerry tee off yesterday
The second round had been due to tee off shortly after midday GMT today.
According to the Huffington Post, tournament leader Mahan was at 13 under after 36 holes and had yet to tee off in the third round when he received the news, following which he left the tournament to be at the side of his wife Kandi.
The Scot, who topped the Order of Merit on an unprecedented eight occasions from the late 1990s onwards, thinks all players should be timed from the moment they tee off.