tee off

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tee 1

1. The letter t.
2. Something shaped like a T.
3. Informal A T-shirt.
4. Sports & Games A mark aimed at in certain games, such as curling or quoits.
to a tee
Perfectly; exactly: a plan that suits me to a tee.

tee 2

1. A small peg with a concave top for holding a golf ball for an initial drive.
2. The designated area of each golf hole from which a player makes his or her first stroke.
3. A device used to stand a football on end for a kickoff.
4. A shaft with a concave top attached to a flat base, used to hold the ball in T-ball.
tr.v. teed, tee·ing, tees
To place (a ball) on a tee. Often used with up.
Phrasal Verb:
tee off
1. To drive a golf ball from the tee.
2. Slang To start or begin: They teed off the fundraising campaign with a dinner.
3. Slang To make angry or disgusted: The impertinent remarks teed the speaker off.

[Back-formation from obsolete Scots teaz (taken as a pl.)]
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tee off

vb (adverb)
1. (Golf) golf to strike (the ball) from a tee, as when starting a hole
2. informal to begin; start
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Verb1.tee off - strike a ball from the teeing ground at the start of a hole
golf, golf game - a game played on a large open course with 9 or 18 holes; the object is use as few strokes as possible in playing all the holes
play - participate in games or sport; "We played hockey all afternoon"; "play cards"; "Pele played for the Brazilian teams in many important matches"
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w>tee off

vieinen Ball vom (ersten) Abschlag spielen
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Guinomla will head the traditional ceremonial tee off rites of the tournament which will have Classes A, B, C and Super Senior (65 years-old and above) categories.
Simon Ngige, a Thika Sports Club pro will tee off at 8:28am alongside Sullivan Muthugia.
He'll want to use his local knowledge to show the rest the way when they tee off at 10.09 on Thursday.
They will tee off in Thursday's opening round at 8:24 a.m.
The final group of Francesco Molinari, Tony Finau and Tiger Woods will tee off at 8:20 a.m., 20 minutes after CBS begins its live coverage of the tournament.
The ladies will tee off on Friday and the prominent ones like Rimsha Ijaz, Parkha Ijaz, Dania and Suneyah are all in the race for an attempt to capture the national ladies title.
As for the amateurs, they also join the tee off hopefuls on Friday and the more luminous ones fighting for honors and top positions are Fakhar Imam, Mohammad Saqib, Robin Bagh, Hussain Hamid, Salman Jehangir and the talent loaded fifteen year old Damil Ataullah.
Dubai: A competitive field of 84 enthusiastic golfers will tee off at the Emirates Golf Club's Faldo Course on Thursday to vie for top honours in the 23rd Gulf News Merchants Cup Golf Tournament, a popular event where the UAE's business fraternity soak up their passion for golf.
"There is only one day in the year you don't want to tee off late and that's during the Sweden, England game.
LAHORE -- A field of 110 golf playing amateurs will tee off at the panoramic and impressive 18 holes, par 72 Royal Palm Golf and Country Club Golf Course today (Sunday), in pursuit of the much-acclaimed Turkish Airlines (TA) Golf trophy.
Dubai-born Indian amateur Rayhan Thomas will tee off alongside American Sean Crocker and England's Sam Horsfield from the 10th tee.