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teem 1

v. teemed, teem·ing, teems
1. To be full of things; abound or swarm: A drop of water teems with microorganisms.
2. Obsolete To be or become pregnant; bear young.
v.tr. Archaic
To give birth to.

[Middle English temen, to beget, bear, from Old English tīeman, tēman; see deuk- in Indo-European roots.]

teem′er n.
teem′ing·ly adv.
Synonyms: teem1, abound, overflow, swarm1
These verbs mean to be abundantly filled or richly supplied: The street teemed with pedestrians. The garden abounds with flowers. The house overflowed with guests. The parade route swarmed with spectators.

teem 2

v. teemed, teem·ing, teems
To rain hard or heavily; pour.
To pour out or empty: teemed the molten ore into a huge mold.

[Middle English temen, to drain, from Old Norse töma.]
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