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n. Informal
A teenager.


US a young person in their teenage years


(ˈtinˌeɪ dʒər)

a person 13 through 19 years of age.
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Informal. A young person, usually between the ages of 13 and 19:
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And what sort of attitudinal barriers would be raised by health center personnel in front of a teener seeking information on sex and family planning?
Meanwhile, Colombian teener Cristian Rodrigues scored a stunning second round KO victory over Abdolla Shaoban.
The teener pleaded guilty to indecent assault of his sister and inciting her to perform a sexual act.
The company's product, the Teener, looks like a Smart Car, but is completely electric.
El articulo pretende ser, a la vez que una presentacion de este Monografico sobre Maltrato entre Iguales (Bullying), un articulo introductorio que permita teener a los lectores una vision actualizada del fenomeno que sera tratado desde diferentes perspectivas por investigadores del ambito nacional e internacional.
Each setting had an intermediate-level, dedicated stroke unit where most patients received their acute care (Hinkle, 1992; Teener, Raps, & Galetta, 1994).
aastal oli ta veel ordumeistri teener, kes saatis meistrit reisil Kolni peapiiskopi juurde Johann van Strunckte surma asjus.
The carts, called Teener E, are manufactured by the W.
Teener is the originator of the 1394b gigabit effort and is currently Chief Technology Officer at Zayante Inc.
As an attribute of the new 1394B technology, many of the Apple patents no longer apply," Teener told the paper.