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 (tə-fĭl′ĭn, -fē-lēn′)
pl.n. Judaism
The phylacteries.

[Mishnaic Hebrew təpillîn, pl. of təpillâ, prayer, from Hebrew hitpallēl, to pray; see pll in Semitic roots.]
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(təˈfɪl ɪn; Heb. tə fiˈlin)

n.pl. Judaism.
the phylacteries.
[1605–15; < Hebrew təphillīn, akin to təphillāh prayer]
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Small black boxes containing scriptures and worn on the forehead and left arm.
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Noun1.tefillin - (Judaism) either of two small leather cases containing texts from the Hebrew Scriptures (known collectively as tefillin)tefillin - (Judaism) either of two small leather cases containing texts from the Hebrew Scriptures (known collectively as tefillin); traditionally worn (on the forehead and the left arm) by Jewish men during morning prayer
Judaism - the monotheistic religion of the Jews having its spiritual and ethical principles embodied chiefly in the Torah and in the Talmud
reminder - a message that helps you remember something; "he ignored his wife's reminders"
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But as soon as he came to the United States, he confessed to me, he started to realize how important Judaism truly was to him, which led him to lay tefillin every morning.
Wearing Jewish prayer shawls and tefillin (phylacteries) in an Arab state that does not maintain diplomatic relations with Israel, the men danced in a circle to the song, "Am Yisrael Chai" (the people of Israel live).
The next generation of robots is going to lay tefillin and sing "Hatikva." Note, however, that the moment we ask, "Can a robot be X?"--we find ourselves viewing X from a fresh new perspective, and we end up gaining a deeper understanding of what the essence of X is.
This practice is common in Judaism, wherein tefillin or phylacteries, small boxes containing verses from the Torah, are worn on the head and left arm during prayers, as an expression of Deuteronomy 11:18 ("Fix these words of mine in your hearts and minds; tie them as symbols on your hands and bind them on your foreheads").
They damaged and "soiled" prayer shawls and tefillin, the leather phylacteries traditionally worn by men during prayers.
They conjoin believers' lives to the sacred, which is why they must be kept in physical proximity: Jews attach tefillin to their arm and forehead; Christians wear crosses; Muslim pilgrims walk around the Kaaba seven times.
Beginning with the aforementioned ideal of monotheism, the passages that follow impel the speaker to love God, teach Judaism to one's children, recognize divine reward and punishment, and to fulfill the positive commandments of tefillin, (1) mezuzah, (2) and tzitzit (3) (Telushkin, 667).
A Passover image shows an Egyptian pyramid made of matzo; another crafts a city's wall of tefillin, or phylacteries.
For example, a turning point for men is when they stop putting on tefillin (phylacteries), while women, by contrast, often stop shaving their hair under their wigs.
Our Rabbis taught: Beloved are Israel, for the Holy One, blessed be He, surrounded them with precepts: tefillin on their heads, tefillin on their arms, tzitzit [fringes] on their garments, and mezuzot on their doorposts.
As well, his uncle's gift to him of various Judaica, including a tallis, or prayer shawl, a daily prayer book, and a set of tefillin, two black leather boxes containing biblical texts on parchment, provided symbolic anchor points for a young boy very much at sea following his father's death.
We don't know what the impact of putting on tefillin is.