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n. pl. teg·mi·na (-mə-nə)
A covering or integument, especially:
a. The thin plate of bone that covers the middle ear.
b. The tough leathery forewing of certain insects.
c. The inner layer of a seed coat.

[Latin tegimen, tegmen, covering, from tegere, to cover; see (s)teg- in Indo-European roots.]
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n, pl -mina (-mɪnə)
1. (Zoology) either of the leathery forewings of the cockroach and related insects
2. (Botany) the delicate inner covering of a seed
3. (Botany) any similar covering or layer
[C19: from Latin: a cover, variant of tegimen, from tegere to cover]
ˈtegminal adj
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(ˈtɛg mən)

n., pl. -mi•na (-mə nə)
1. a covering or integument, esp. of a plant or animal.
2. the delicate inner coat of a seed.
3. either of a pair of leathery forewings extending over the hind wings in certain insects.
[1800–10; < Latin: covering (also tegumen, tegimen) =teg(ere) to cover + -men n. suffix]
teg′mi•nal, adj.
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The technique was selected depending on the tegmen height, degree of mastoid cell development, and presence or absence of tegmen destruction.
Closure of the middle ear with special reference to the development of the tegmen tympani of the temporal bone.
For tegmen tympani erosion, thinner CT-scan slices on coronal sections are required.
Tegmen dark brown, polished black along the costal margin, often also on medio-medial area.
In nearly twice as many patients with versus without OSA, the tegmen mastoideum was dehiscent (37 versus 20 percent; difference, 17 percent; 95 percent confidence interval, 0.4 to 32).
The companies were contracted to procure goods and services to NYS include Form Home Builders, Roof and All Trading and Reinforced Concrete Technologies, Dracol Capital, Grumam Engineering and Tegmen Trading.
CT imaging was suggestive of bilateral mastoiditis with collections over the left mastoid region and demonstrated erosion of the left tegmen tympani with no intracranial extension [Figure 2].
TEGMEN A Mongolian tribe B South American lizard C A covering who am I?
In low number of cases, an invasion of adjacent structures has been seen more commonly in the mastoid, middle ear, temporomandibular joint, and less frequently in erosions of the facial nerve, tegmen, atticus, and antrum [2, 13].
torresi lack the suspensory process of the squamosal that in most sigmodontines contacts the tegmen tympani; in addition, the latter structure displays a variable development (Fig.
Involvement of the facial nerve, labyrinth, sigmoid sinus, and dura of the tegmen may also be seen.