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Variant of telesthesia.
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(ˌtɛlɪsˈθiːzɪə) or


(Alternative Belief Systems) the alleged perception of events that are beyond the normal range of perceptual processes. Compare telegnosis, clairvoyance
telaesthetic, telesthetic adj
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telesthesia, telaesthesia

a form of extrasensory perception, working over a distance and enabling the so gifted observer to perceive events, objects, etc., far away. — telesthetic, telaesthetic, adj.
See also: Perception
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Later in the book he said that telepathy and telaesthesia (clairvoyance) were basically spiritual faculties, "survivals from the powers which that spirit once exercised in a transcendental world" (Vol.
Myers believed that telepathy and telaesthesia "cannot have been acquired by natural selection, for the preservation of the race, during the process or terrene evolution" (Vol.
For example, he expected that the same person would experience various subliminal phenomena, some of which "are to be referred to hyperaesthesia and some to telaesthesia, or to telepathy from the living or from the dead" (Vol.