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n. pl. tel·a·mon·es (-mō′nēz) Architecture
See atlas.

[Latin, from Greek telamōn, bearer; see telə- in Indo-European roots.]


 (tĕl′ə-mən, -mŏn′)
n. Greek Mythology
One of the Argonauts and the father of Ajax.
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Yes, all of you please come to my apartment right away, tomorrow, I at once joyfully proposed to the caryatids and atlantes (which is what their men are called), of course they were cordially invited to my place at any time, I would in future expect the fullest possible contingent of them to show up at my door whenever they pleased, and a visit from the telamones (which is what they are collectively called), welcome at all times of day or night, would cheerfully brighten the twilight solitude of my quiet rooms!