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Noun1.telecommerce - the use of the telephone as an interactive medium for promotion and salestelecommerce - the use of the telephone as an interactive medium for promotion and sales
marketing, merchandising, selling - the exchange of goods for an agreed sum of money
telephone order - receiving orders via telephone
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Premium boutique BPO company Teledirect Telecommerce is taking all of these in mind as it aims to retain its unparalleled status as employer of choice.
Moscow: The Bank of Russia revoked the banking licence from the Tula-based credit institution Joint Stock Company Telecommerce Bank or Telecommerce Bank.
Meanwhile, Oscar Fudalan Jr., Regional Learning and Development Director for APAC at Teledirect Telecommerce will share how to incorporate a training methodology that best fits corporate culture.
Le nouveau Bureau constitue de l'APEBI se compose aussi de Mme Samira Gourroum (Maroc Telecommerce) et Ali El Azzouzi (Dataprotect), Lotfi Riffi (Omnidata), Gregory Desmot (Sage), Mohcine Benachir (Prestige Informatique), Mehdi Alaoui (Media Mobility), Mehdi Kettani (Inwi) et Touhami Rabii (Gemadec).
There are now over 200 online retail sites affiliated with the Maroc Telecommerce platform.
Bloomington's Telecommerce Center is a "high-tech hotel," or co-location facility designed to hold computers and switching gear for Internet and Telecommunications firms.
The acquisition is consistent with Vodafone's strategy of constantly strengthening its dominant position in telecommerce, according to a statement from GlobalSign, a young company founded as recently as 1996.
"We already had medium-sized businesses helping our customers to 'get on the Net.' Therefore, a 'telecommerce' business unit was formed to leverage the skills and knowledge developing in those businesses.
The TeleCommerce Center Research concept, being promoted jointly by ICA and Christian Brothers University, Memphis, Tenn., will also be on the agenda.

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