telecommunication system

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Noun1.telecommunication system - a communication system for communicating at a distancetelecommunication system - a communication system for communicating at a distance
communication system - a system for communicating
television system, television - a telecommunication system that transmits images of objects (stationary or moving) between distant points
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Comtech Telecommunications Corp (Nasdaq:CMTL) announced on Tuesday the closure of its strategic and cash accretive acquisition of TeleCommunication Systems Inc (TCS) (Nasdaq:TSYS).
Hitachi Systems is a core company of Hitachi's Information & Telecommunication Systems Business.
Connecting Worlds' Farid Hilal and Nicolas Smayra will be responsible for the sales and marketing of all TeleCommunication Systems products and services in the Middle East, a statement said.
Modeling, analysis, and simulation of computer and telecommunication systems; proceedings.
Congratulating them on the beginning of work, the head of state expressed confidence that during the exhibition and conference workers of telecommunication systems "will be able to find the right direction for the further development and deepening of existing relationships and for the successful solution of urgent issues of international communication systems.
Tokyo, Japan, Jan 25, 2006 - (JCN) - Hitachi's Information and Telecommunication Systems Group announced January 23 the launch of its new integrated service platform "BladeSymphony" in Korea.
Advanced microvia technology and surface-mount connectors extend the barrier of telecommunication systems. This paper shows design techniques for implementing and evaluating such physical layer structures.

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