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Noun1.telegraph line - the wire that carries telegraph and telephone signalstelegraph line - the wire that carries telegraph and telephone signals
phone cord, telephone cord - the telephone wire that connects to the handset
conducting wire, wire - a metal conductor that carries electricity over a distance
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I had it packed on a special reel at his suggestion, as it was his idea that he could fasten one end here before he left and by paying it out through the end of the prospector lay a telegraph line between the outer and inner worlds.
He had communicated by wireless with the army post at Benicia, the telegraph lines were even then being patrolled by soldiers all the way to Sacramento.
Siemens' historic relationship with the city goes back many decades to 1860, when it developed the first telegraph line between Cape Town and Simonstown.
KUWAIT, July 26 (KUNA) -- 1912 -- Sheikh Mubarak Al-Sabah, the 7th ruler of Kuwait, approved the British government's desire to set a telegraph line in Kuwait city.
(59) Section 147 of the treatise further explains that a "telegraph line may have been originally constructed by the railroad company for its own use but upon a transfer, of such a line by the railroad company to a telegraph company, the owner of the fee may claim compensation." (60) However, this statement is derived from a case in which a railroad assigned the ownership of its telegraph poles and lines to a telegraph company.
Morse successfully operated the first telegraph line between Baltimore and Washington, D.C.
Siemens has strengthened its positioning in the UAE and Qatar with the local launch of its new global brand appearance, whose central component is the claim 'Ingenuity for life.' The launch coincides with the 200th birthday of the company's founder, Werner von Siemens, who began working with the Middle East region in the 1800s with the development of the Indo-European telegraph line.
In the book and this article, I also analyze the technical, policy, and regulatory issues that Alaskans have faced from the first telegraph line to the broadband era and highlights some of the lessons learned and issues that still need to be addressed.
The overland telegraph line for which Todd became famous (Taylor, 1980) was not only a fillip for press and government, but provided the opportunity to extend the reach of his telegraphic network and to collect weather data from the Northern Territory, then administered by South Australia.
A decade later a telegraph line would follow the Grand Communications Route.
His exploits included being a Union soldier in the Civil War (for which he later became the oldest Congressional Medal of Honor winner), building thousands of miles of telegraph line in the Southwest, leading a three-year polar expedition, funding and supporting the Wright Brothers, reorganizing the Signal Corps, installing the first long-distance radio used for tactical purposes, and organizing the National Geographic Society.
A stop at the Alice Springs Telegraph Station then highlighted the 3000km-long Overland Telegraph Line, which linked Port Darwin to Adelaide, and brought home to us again the sheer size of the country.