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Noun1.telegraph operator - someone who transmits messages by telegraphtelegraph operator - someone who transmits messages by telegraph
manipulator, operator - an agent that operates some apparatus or machine; "the operator of the switchboard"
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Wash Williams, the telegraph operator of Wines- burg, was the ugliest thing in town.
In his youth Wash Williams had been called the best telegraph operator in the state, and in spite of his degradement to the obscure office at Winesburg, he was still proud of his ability.
The telegraph operator of Winesburg, sitting in the darkness on the railroad ties, had become a poet.
George Willard and the telegraph operator came into the main street of Winesburg.
"No; I'm a telegraph operator. But the wife and I decided to take a two years' vacation, and...
After high school, worked at Illinois Central Railroad as a telegraph operator and later became a manager.
My first job was working as a telegraph operator. In my life I took out over 1000 patents, including the gramophone, the megaphone and an electric light bulb.
His first work was as a telegraph operator of a firm called Clavecilla Radio System, then he transferred to Pacific Bank.
A noisy minority, including partisans of Emilio Aguinaldo, claim the telegram is fake, not knowing that a clerk or telegraph operator in Luna's Dagupan office copied and numbered it in a log book.
Forced to flee, Virginia eventually retrained as a wireless telegraph operator in England and returned to the continent for the remainder of the war, working both for the British and the newly formed American OSS.
Lucy Drake, telegraph operator for the Associated Press, has more than the latest news on her mind.
A telegraph operator would tap the message on an electric telegraph machine and send the code across wires.