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A skiing turn in which the knees are bent, the inside heel is lifted, and the weight is on the outside ski, which is advanced ahead of the other and angled inward until the turn is complete.
intr.v. tel·e·marked, tel·e·mark·ing, tel·e·marks
To execute a telemark or to ski using this turn.

[Norwegian, after Telemark, a region of southern Norway.]

tel′e·mark′er n.


1. (Skiing) skiing a turn in which one ski is placed far forward of the other and turned gradually inwards
2. (Dancing) a step in ballroom dancing involving a heel pivot
[C20: named after Telemark, county in Norway]


(ˈtɛl əˌmɑrk)

(sometimes cap.) a skier's turn in which the tip of the forward ski is gradually angled inward.
[1905–10; after Telemark, a Norwegian county]
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Noun1.telemark - a turn made in skiing; the outside ski is placed ahead and turned gradually inwards
turning, turn - the act of changing or reversing the direction of the course; "he took a turn to the right"


n (Ski) → Telemark(schwung) m
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Heikkinen decided to try snowboarding and Telemark skiing.
easyJet has announced a sponsorship with 20 year old Ben Emsley, a member of the Great British Telemark Skiing team, the company said.
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Scandinavian projects include the addition of Fjell Norway, the mountain region that includes Lillehammer the host of the 1994 Winter Olympics, and Visit Telemark which involved the creation of a regional site, sites for the individual destinations Richard | | within Telemark and also a thematic website for the famous Telemark Canal.
Exertionally and in practice somewhere between cross and downhill skiing there is Telemark, a sport which has gained popularity rapidly in the last several years.
Geraint Hampton assisted disabled veterans during the exhibition to honour six Norwegians who parachuted into the Telemark region on skis to blow up the Norsk Hydro plant.
INJURED servicemen are retracing the steps of sabotage operations made famous in The Heroes of Telemark film to mark the 70th anniversary of the Second World War missions.
In early 1943 Stromsheim, an explosives expert and an excellent skier, parachuted into his native Norway to sabotage the German heavy water plant in the Telemark. Their success resulted in the end of Germany's atomic weapon programme.
The boy came from Porsgrunn in the Telemark region and was transferred from a local hospital when his health worsened.
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19 November 2010 - Swedish construction company Peab AB (STO: PEAB B) said today it has bought 91% of housing builder Telemark Vestfold Entreprenor AS and 33% of project developer Telemark Vestfold Utvikling AS, both based in Norway.