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Noun1.telephone bell - electric bell that rings to signal a calltelephone bell - electric bell that rings to signal a call
electric bell - a bell activated by the magnetic effect of an electric current
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Gerald, who was on his way to the dining-room, heard the ring of the telephone bell and the call for the trunk special line.
The telephone bell rang and Tom picked up the instrument from the desk.
As Tarzan and his wife stood planning the wisest course to pursue, the telephone bell rang in the library at their right.
Here the telephone bell rang, and he had to absent himself with a smile and a bow which signified that, although literature is delightful, it is not work.
GREAT WAR 100 When the dog - Bow-Wow PC9 - failed to answer to the roll-call, inquiries were made and eventually a telephone bell was rung by the St Helens Police, who announced that the missing 'officer' had been handed over to their care by a driver of the South Lancashire Tramway Company.