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Noun1.telephone bill - statement of charges for telephone servicetelephone bill - statement of charges for telephone service
invoice, bill, account - an itemized statement of money owed for goods shipped or services rendered; "he paid his bill and left"; "send me an account of what I owe"
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A statement issued on Friday by NCS Commissioner General Raphael Amunyela said, the Telio Offender Telephone System is a freely installed system from which offenders can make pre-paid telephone calls to relatives and friends, which will also assist in reducing government telephone bill on offenders calls.
THE telephone bill for our landline is usually delivered a few days before the due date but the bill for May, which was issued on June 3, has not been delivered yet.
Once the payment to the credit card was completed successfully, and I received a confirmation SMS from the bank, I made a telephone bill payment through internet banking, where I confirmed that the available limit was more than Dh2,000 and paid the bill amount.
Most of the time the telephone bill goes way beyond customers' reach.
In spite of the directive, the ministry received a telephone bill of Au18,804 in 2012 and has already run up tariffs of more than Au6,000 this year.
Rejected claims ranged from the hundreds of pounds to one of just 20p after Manchester Withington MP John Leech, a Liberal Democrat, submitted a claim for pounds 14.42 alongside a mobile telephone bill receipt.
On Saturday, a 77- year-old woman from Huyton received a phone call from a man who claimed she was in arrears with her telephone bill and would be disconnected.
On Saturday, a 77-year-old woman was called at home in Huyton by a man who claimed she was in arrears with her telephone bill and would be disconnected on December 23.
A spokesman from the FTC said the defendants allegedly designed the scam to specifically target nonprofits and small businesses because they thought the groups would not review their telephone bill and realize the charges.
MY quarterly telephone bill includes a pounds 4.50 charge for not paying by direct debit.
The League Two club have sold just 118 season tickets for their second season back in the Football League and Whalley said: "If we do not get more people through the turnstiles it could end up as it did in 1962 when it couldn't afford the washing or telephone bill. There must be a local business wanting to invest in such an historic club."
Rather than computing the actual taxes paid, fliers can determine their refunds by comparing a telephone bill with a statement date in April 2006 to a bill with a statement date in September 2006.