telephone booth

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telephone booth

A small enclosure containing a public telephone.

tel′ephone booth`

an enclosed booth for a public telephone.
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Noun1.telephone booth - booth for using a telephonetelephone booth - booth for using a telephone    
kiosk, stall, booth, cubicle - small area set off by walls for special use
telefonní kabina
telefonska govorilnica


(ˈtelifəun) noun
(often abbreviated to phone) (foun) an instrument for speaking to someone from a distance, using either an electric current which passes along a wire or radio waves. He spoke to me by telephone / on the telephone; (also adjective) a telephone number/operator.
(often abbreviated to phone (foun) ) verb
1. to (try to) speak to (someone) by means of the telephone. I'll telephone you tomorrow.
2. to send (a message) or ask for (something) by means of the telephone. I'll telephone for a taxi.
3. to reach or make contact with (another place) by means of the telephone. Can one telephone England from Australia?
teˈlephonist (-ˈle-) noun
a person who operates a telephone switchboard in a telephone exchange.
telephone booth, telephone box (also ˈcall-box)
a small room or compartment containing a telephone for public use.
telephone directory
a book containing a list of the names, addresses and telephone numbers of all the people with telephones in a particular area. Look them up in the telephone directory.
telephone exchange
a central control through which telephone calls are directed.
References in classic literature ?
Surgeon-Major Thomson made his way to the telephone booth. When he emerged, he interviewed the head-waiter.
Tenders are invited for procurement and installation secured telephone booth and camc for newly installed secured telephone booth after expiry of guarantee period and upgradation camc of the pre-installed telephone booth in all central jail, dist and sub jails of jharkhand
Important decisions were also taken during the session in the light of standing instructions of Director General Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority Hassan Baig, regarding improved services / facilities for the pilgrims likewise preceding years including First Aid, Ablution and Prayer area, Clean Drinking Water, Telephone Booth, Complementary Tea and refreshment in line with services by Civil Aviation Authority and concerned Airlines Staff on 24/7 basis.
It looks like a sci-fi telephone booth. But instead of talking on a phone, the person inside it is supposed to sing - alone or with a partner.
Who starred in the 2003 film Phone Booth as a man trapped in a telephone booth because of a sniper?
He could not just duck into a telephone booth, rip off the suit and tie and dash off to do the Superman thing.
The plot was run from Paul Taylor's "office", a telephone booth on Old Hall Street which was also bugged but failed to bring in the estimated PS4bn worth of drugs they had sourced from contacts in Ecuador.
DCO Attock said that no yatree would be allowed to use cell phone however they would be provided a telephone booth inside the gurdwara.
The DCO that no Yatree would be allowed to use cell phone adding that however a telephone booth would be set up inside the gurdwara to facilitate them.
Capaldi is the 12th actor to play the Doctor, a galaxy-hopping Time Lord who travels in the Tardis, a time machine shaped like an old-fashioned British police telephone booth. At age 55, he's also the oldest since the first Doctor, William Hartnell.
The two researchers took a 25 cent coin into a telephone booth, placed it on the ledge inside and walked out of the phone booth.
She was last seen at a pay telephone booth, sometime between 2:45 p.m.