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Noun1.telephone company - a public utility that provides telephone servicetelephone company - a public utility that provides telephone service
public utility, public utility company, public-service corporation, utility - a company that performs a public service; subject to government regulation
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He gave grandfather fifty an acre for it on long time, an' here am I, workin' for the telephone company an' putting' in a telephone for old Silva's cousin from the Azores that can't speak American yet.
CALLS: [euro]0.97c per min plus your telephone company's network access charge.
Hawkeye Telephone Company was established in 1913, and is an independent telephone company located in Hawkeye, Iowa, serving the city of Hawkeye and the telephone exchange in the surrounding area.
PLDT experienced its own digital disruption by changing its name to just 'PLDT,' abandoning 'Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company.'
TDC AS (Copenhagen: TDC), a Scandinavian telecom company, today announced in accordance with the regulations governing the trading of securities regulated under the Danish Securities Trading Act that Nordic Telephone Company Administration ApS, a company controlled by Angel Lux Common Sarl and Angel Lux Midco & Cie SCA on behalf of parent company Angel Lux Parent Sarl, has received a total of 174,369,910 shares in TDC following the merger of Nordic Telephone Company Holding ApS, Nordic Telephone Company Finance ApS, Nordic Telephone Company Investment ApS and Nordic Telephone Company Administration ApS, effective 5 March 2010.
Garden Valley Telephone Company, owned by the members it serves, is one of the largest telephone cooperatives in Minnesota, serving 24 exchanges.
imposition of additional fees for a telephone company's use of the
Collier bought a switchboard to handle calls and began the Prairie Grove Telephone Company.
Telvenco, a conglomerate controlled by Venezuelan magnate Oswaldo Cisneros, said it will buy for US$425 million Digitel, a Venezuelan wireless telephone company, from Telecom Italia's Venezuelan unit TIM International.
Louis area have been promoting the idea of telephone company competition against cable to bring down subscription prices.
The telephone industry was deemed to be a key part of our national security in the early 20th century and, thus, the Communications Act of 1934 assured that one telephone company would serve one designated geographical area, creating a monopoly and preventing duplication of costs.