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Noun1.telephone cord - the telephone wire that connects to the handsettelephone cord - the telephone wire that connects to the handset
telegraph line, telegraph wire, telephone line, telephone wire - the wire that carries telegraph and telephone signals
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During bust-ups he would wrap a telephone cord round her neck, and hold a knife to her face.
A housekeeper found Crane's body in the garage of his home on July 5, 1985, wrapped in bedsheets with a telephone cord wrapped around his neck.
The 14-year-old daughter was strangled using a telephone cord while her 12-year-old sister was killed by suffocating her with a pillow case.
"The victim was strangled with a telephone cord during a row."
Cops arrested Warren Lyttle after wife Lisa Jane, 49, was found dead - apparently strangled with a telephone cord.
The 73-year-old victim was dragged to the floor, punched, tied up with a telephone cord and choked to unconsciousness by Frank Shannon, 30, after they had sex at his home in Formby.
Inmates have tried tearing clothes to make a rope, using a telephone cord, ingesting cleaning fluid or using specially designed jail razor blades that are harder for a person to use to cut or injure themselves, Richard Lewis said.
Her son-in-law was treated more harshly: The robbers left him hogtied with a telephone cord.
The resulting structure has been dubbed the hemihelix, and you may have made one yourself by untwisting part of a telephone cord so much that it flips and spirals in the other direction.
As per records, one of the suspects, Georgian B.G., 26, then pulled out a knife and cut the telephone cord. "One of the other men then came up behind me and beat me with a stick.
Forensic experts said Solh was strangled with a telephone cord before being shot and had injury marks all over his body.

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