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Noun1.telephone service - a public utility that provides telephone servicetelephone service - a public utility that provides telephone service
public utility, public utility company, public-service corporation, utility - a company that performs a public service; subject to government regulation
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The street cars and railways had ceased; the telephone service was out of gear and only worked intermittently.
When mobile telephone service first became available in Nigeria, demand far outweighed supply, but poor service and high costs have left most subscribers disenchanted.
said Friday that system troubles in its Internet-based domestic long-distance telephone service will likely be fixed by Sunday at the earliest, three days longer than earlier announced.
According to Conatel, the total market for cellular telephone service is estimated at 400,000 users;
More than 100,000 Israelis remained without telephone service Tuesday as Bezeq Telephone Company repair personnel continued a strike.
Through the CSEC selection, SCC will serve as the single point of contact to more than 200 local telephone service providers and 300 public safety agencies in the state.
In 1943, a tax on local telephone service was enacted, with separate statistics shown in the Annual Reports along with the other two amounts.
Alltel now operates as a CLEC, competing directly with the incumbent telephone service provider, in 26 cities -- including six in Arkansas.
Two lawsuits in US courts have resulted in attempts to award plaintiffs funds from payments due the Cuban government for providing telephone service to the US.
JTB has also signed a contract to buy US$17 million worth of Lucent's telephone network switches and related equipment to improve its telephone service.
In an industrialized country, telephone service is sufficiently reliable and efficient that, under normal circumstances, a caller will nearly always get a dial tone.
Today's Telephone Service: The Whole World is Calling