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Noun1.telephone wire - the wire that carries telegraph and telephone signalstelephone wire - the wire that carries telegraph and telephone signals
phone cord, telephone cord - the telephone wire that connects to the handset
conducting wire, wire - a metal conductor that carries electricity over a distance
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"It certainly is a strange coincidence," he added, speaking in an aside to Ned while he himself still listened to what was being told to him over the telephone wire.
The last note of modernity was supplied by the telephone wire attached to the roof of the lifeboat shelter.
He would have remarked first, perhaps, that all the hedges needed clipping, that the roadside grass grew rank, that the road-tracks were unusually rainworn, and that the cottages by the wayside seemed in many cases shut up, that a telephone wire had dropped here, and that a cart stood abandoned by the wayside.
Here there was nothing of this; Anne knew that outside of her window was a hard street, with a network of telephone wires shutting out the sky, the tramp of alien feet, and a thousand lights gleaming on stranger faces.
The tunnel was a peculiar one for telephone wires; it was about eight feet high, and with a level floor nearly as wide.
The intruders tied up two of the adults with telephone wire and covered them with blankets in the living room but they did not disturb the children who were fast asleep, he said in a media statement.
IT'S like a scene from a horror film - but this chilling image of a snake escaping over a telephone wire is very real.
He dispenses with his grey 10-pound H and M vest, using it to slide down a telephone wire, before his briefs get torn off on a doorframe.
The person who cut the telephone wire was a gentleman by the name of Phillips, who lived in the concrete houses of Dinas.
Back in the day, I used to be given colorful telephone wire at the phone company yard at no cost.
Starting with sheets of heavy-gauge copper made from salvaged telephone wire and copper tubing, Native Trails artisans work the metal into beautiful, earth-friendly, functioning works of art.