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n. telerradiografía, rayos-x tomados a dos o más metros de distancia del objectivo para disminuir distorsiones.
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Rocabado [9] proposes a teleradiography method to objectively assess cephalic posture in anteroposterior and vertical direction using cephalometric measurements on a sagittal plane to define three parameters: a) hyoid position (hyoid triangle), b) anteroposterior cranio-cervical rotation, and c) suboccipital space cervical 0-cervical 1 (C0-C1); the influence of these parameters is emphasized in the harmony of dentofacial structures involving respiration, speech, voice, deglutition, and the limited clinical relevance given to the orthostatic stability of the skull on the cervical spine [4].
In 1988, Kaban et al (22) changed Pruzansky's classification by adding the description of deformations seen in temporomandibular joint teleradiography.
II: Comparison of ultrasound, teleradiography and 2 clinical procedures in 50 patients.
Full orthodontic documentation consists of intra and extraoral photographs, panoramic x-ray and lateral teleradiography, periapical radiographs and study models (MELANI; SILVA, 2006; PARANHOS et al.
Many authors support the use of CR in occlusal rehabilitation therapy, (3,11) since they consider it an easily reproducible reference position, and also in orthodontics, (1,3) strongly advocating the need to plan any treatment by mounting study models on an articulator and performing diagnostic teleradiography, both using CR.
Develop the kinds of teleradiography services and collaborative relationships that allow for good patient outcomes," Stackpole concluded.