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Noun1.telerobotics - the area of robotics that is concerned with the control of robots from a distance
robotics - the area of AI concerned with the practical use of robots
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The conference focuses on various fields like aerial and underwater robotics, bio-inspired robotics, cable robots, cognitive robotics, collaborative robotics, control systems, humanoids, intelligent robotics and systems, legged robots, manipulation, mechatronics systems, micro- and nano-robots, modeling and identification, motion planning and learning, opto-mechatronics, parallel robotics, probabilistic robotics, reconfigurable robots, rehabilitation, robot calibration, robot control, robotic platforms, service and field robotics, social robotics, telerobotics, vision systems, visual robotics and wheeled mobile robots.
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In a paper titled "Baxter's Homunculus: Virtual Reality Spaces for Teleoperation in manufacturing," Cornell University scientists Jeffrey I Lipton, Aidan J Fay, Daniela Rus have explored myriad aspects of telerobotics, which essentially refers to the technology for remotely controlling robots for space exploration.
He speculates that, in the future, where the main driver in globalization may be transformative reductions in the cost of telepresence and telerobotics triggered by the virtual presence revolution.
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Teleoperation for Raven robot uses Interoperable Telerobotics Protocol [24]--sending incremental rather than absolute motion command from master to slave and a human operator is in the control loop to correct the position errors.
With telerobotics, real-time communications, and other cutting edge technologies, you can turn a simple streaming project into an exciting and engaging real-time online experience.
Telerobotics over IP networks: Towards a low-level real-time architecture.
Humans make any necessary ethical determinations for the robots by remote control (telerobotics)
ASTRONAUT ROBOTS: The Human Exploration Telerobotics project, managed by NASA's Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, California, is developing and testing robots to improve the way humans live and work in space.