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intr.v. tel·e·shopped, tel·e·shop·ping, tel·e·shops
To buy consumer products over the Internet or by way of television using a telephone connection or an interactive cable.

tel′e·shop′per n.


vb (intr)
1. (Telecommunications) to buy goods by telephone or via the internet
2. (Commerce) to buy goods by telephone or via the internet
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A QVC-style teleshop and dummies were set up in a Digbeth High Street store to show how easily weapons can be bought.
Angus, who fronts the BBC's Cash In The Attic, is seen with a female assistant on a fictional TV channel called Teleshop.
Teleshopping ventures currently on line include Prestel, originated by Littlewoods and Kays, Asda Teleshop and Keyline Shopping Ltd.
Exclusive sales channels are even beginning to appear where it is possible to shop 24 hours a day (Ono's teleshop EHS (European Home Shopping)).
The two-minute ad, in which a young boy is seen firing an AK47 while watched by 'teleshop' presenters, was the brainchild of Adil Abar, from Hall Green.
It followed Budgens' acquisition of Teleshop for pounds 400,000.
It is picked up by Cheshire-based Teleshop, and a few days later the goods are delivered.
Supermarket chain Budgens took its first step into the home shopping market by buying up one of the UK's specialist grocery delivery businesses, Teleshop Services.
Besides this, it has also customized the base package with the addition of Russian TV channels Saraphane, Dames Club, Teleshop, Galaxy and Live!, as well as Travel Channel.
To register for mCash simply dial #111# from your Mobitel phone and to start using the mCash Account, Top Up the mCash account using the mCash extensive retailer network that includes small corner shops to leading retail outlets adding up to 16,000+ touch points island-wide including Mobitel Branches, SLT Teleshops, Singer showrooms, Abans showrooms, Keells Super, Lanka Bell, Amana Banks, Pay & Go KIOSK, Sanasa Development Bank or top up mCash from the Bank Account directly via the mCash App using your Bank Account.
The service can be ordered in Belgium from the Duet call center or at Teleshops or Telebusiness outlets.
SLT has enhanced convenience for internet users by making pre-paid Wi-Fi internet cards available; online for purchase through credit cards, at its Regional offices, Teleshops and authorized dealers island wide.