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An evangelist who conducts religious telecasts.

[Blend of television and evangelist.]

tel′e·van′gel·ism n.


(Protestantism) US an evangelical preacher who appears regularly on television, preaching the gospel and appealing for donations from viewers
[C20: from tele(vision) + (e)vangelist]


(ˌtɛl ɪˈvæn dʒə lɪst)

an evangelist who conducts religious services on television.
tel`e•van′ge•lism, n.
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Noun1.televangelist - an evangelist who conducts services on television
evangelist, gospeler, gospeller, revivalist - a preacher of the Christian gospel


[ˌtelɪˈvændʒəlɪst] Nevangelista mf de la tele


[ˌtɛlɪˈvændʒəlɪst] ntélévangéliste m


n (esp US) → Fernsehevangelist(in) m(f)
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Board members who supported the deal also said they were concerned that selling to a televangelist network would sever its ties to the Public Broadcasting Service and tie the sale up in litigation from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and others who had given the station grants and donations as a PBS station.
For a while the Coalition on Revival (COR), an umbrella group set up to "bring America back to its biblical foundations" by identifying common ground among Christian right activists of differing theological backgrounds, allowed leading Reconstructionists to chum around with such figures as televangelist D.
He says that this occurred at the same time when she was in court after charging televangelist Jim Bakker and another preacher of raping her.
In 1998, televangelist and erstwhile politician Pat Robertson warned the city of Orlando, Fla.
Interesting to note that the Jesus star of the original rock opera (not the movie), Jeff Fenholt, is a televangelist today
The televangelist, a rising Religious Right star, is girding for a battle of great proportions between evangelical Christians and liberal America.
In overturning a lower court ruling in favor of the right-wing televangelist, the U.
6) Porn legend Ron Jeremy and former televangelist Tammy Faye Messner open up to Sally Jessy Raphael on the season finale of The WB's ``The Surreal Life.
One month before the war, Televangelist Charles Stanley sermonized on the issue, saying, "God approves of war" and hates peaceniks.
Like a televangelist confessing to a life of lustful sinning, Lewis seeks to excuse his zeal and add credibility to his new cause when he reveals that he was once one of the radical green heathens: "If at times my aspersions are caustic, it is because I have had to battle against these seductive ideas myself.
The National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) dropped TV preacher Pat Robertson as closing banquet speaker at its annual convention last month after the volatile televangelist made controversial statements about God punishing Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.
Sparking complaints from viewers and an apology from a Canadian television station, televangelist Jimmy Swagpart told an audience on September 12 that he would kill any gay man who made a pass at him.