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Noun1.television antenna - an omnidirectional antenna tuned to the broadcast frequencies assigned to televisiontelevision antenna - an omnidirectional antenna tuned to the broadcast frequencies assigned to television
nondirectional antenna, omnidirectional antenna - an antenna that sends or receives signals equally in all directions
rabbit ears - an indoor TV antenna; consists of two extendible rods that form a V
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"The i230ECx is a compact broadband side mounted UHF television antenna suitable for main and auxiliary applications," ERI says.
Speaking on a news show on private television Antenna, Clerides said he had evidence to back his claims, but declined to elaborate.
A television antenna installation on the roof of a house on one of the two fine streets in our town, he explained.
is hardly akin to an individual user stringing up a television antenna on the roof.''
Les depots bancaires dans ces etablissements sont garantis, a affirme le porte-parole du gouvernement Simos Kedikoglou lundi matin a la television Antenna.
"Having a television antenna is ever American's right."
"One drunk man suffered severe facial injuries after he fell down from his third floor balcony while adjusting his television antenna. There was also a case of drowning following which the patient suffered cardiac arrest," said Kirby.
Through a receptor that resembles a rooftop television antenna linked to their ' ground station', they can listen to several amateur satellites and even the International Space Station, students said.
A SUTTON Coldfield based phone mast protest group is branching out to campaign against a television antenna in Four Oaks.
Production of television antenna leads at the General Electric Co.
is launching a global communications service to provide broadband voice and data services to aircraft with a new antenna system it claims "provides superior bandwidth in a smaller, lighter and lower drag configuration." The company said it will support AeroMobile's aircraft mobile phone service and also can be paired with a direct broadcast television antenna in the same radome system to offer Panasonic DBS TV with live programming.

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