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Noun1.television camera - television equipment consisting of a lens system that focuses an image on a photosensitive mosaic that is scanned by an electron beamtelevision camera - television equipment consisting of a lens system that focuses an image on a photosensitive mosaic that is scanned by an electron beam
camcorder - a portable television camera and videocassette recorder
camera lens, optical lens - a lens that focuses the image in a camera
lens hood, hood - a tubular attachment used to keep stray light out of the lens of a camera
mosaic - transducer formed by the light-sensitive surface on a television camera tube
television pickup tube, television-camera tube - a tube that rapidly scans an optical image and converts it into electronic signals
television equipment, video equipment - electronic equipment that broadcasts or receives electromagnetic waves representing images and sound
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Footage taken by a closed-circuit television camera showed Tanto getting a gun from his car and shooting Garalde repeatedly before escaping.
They were caught with the help of closed-circuit television camera footage showing the held boys stealing motorbikes, the police claimed.
However, as the shooting method differs between cinema and television camera lenses, there are difficulties in operation of cinema camera lenses for television production.
SEVEN people were arrested in Barry thanks to information provided by the town's Closed Circuit Television Camera team.
The television camera focused solely on the judge who told Gilroy his fate and said he hoped the killer would reveal where he left the murdered woman's remains.
Rooney swore into a television camera moments after completing a hat-trick against West Ham on Saturday, and the FA confirmed yesterday he had been charged with "use of offensive, insulting and/or abusive language" in relation the incident.
The television camera in zone of work can change its spatial orientation.
However, I wasn't surprised to read in the Daily Record that she had a television camera crew at her wedding in Las Vegas.
Australia's V-Tol Aerospace produces the i-Gimbal stabilised pay-load which contains an optional CCD television camera, active and passive infrared sensors, a thermal imaging camera, laser-rangefinders and a laser designator.
The Lockheed Martin sensor package relies on a long-range variant of its LADAR (laser detection and ranging) technology, a television camera and forward-looking infrared.
The European Commission has announced a review of the anti-dumping measures first set in 1994 on television camera systems from Japan.
Glenn, distinguished professor in Florida Atlantic University's College of Engineering, has developed digital imaging technology that has been licensed to Panavision, a world leader in the production of motion picture and television camera systems.

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