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Noun1.television monitor - monitor used in a studio for monitoring the program being broadcasttelevision monitor - monitor used in a studio for monitoring the program being broadcast
monitor - electronic equipment that is used to check the quality or content of electronic transmissions
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A row of old pros, each watching a game on a television monitor we cannot see, describing to us what is happening.
The branch has an integrated teller machine that allows customers to conduct business on a touchscreen television monitor. It also has full-service banking associates on hand to help clients.
The intention was to use as many public places as possible, but requests came from leaders in and outside the community to have the flat-panel television monitor and digital media equipment placed at designated places in churches.
The picture from the camera is reproduced on the television monitor above.
For a monthly fee, the live data feed is displayed on a television monitor in an apartment building's lobby.
| A special television monitor is set up to help people read the small print by Lord Mayor, Bill McKernan (above) and (above, right) the computer service in 1976
I would be interested to hear what the listed-building bods have to say considering they made me install the swan-neck television monitor posts, instead of bracket units which we used on all other East Coast stations.
For Rollins, a live classroom enables a group of students to watch on a single television monitor and interact using Android "keypad" technology.
Several of Davidovich's works involve the methodical obscuration of a television monitor with electrical tape; in some sense, the use of television as canvas and object of the gaze renders it anthropomorphic.
The mini-computer would also be required to connect to a television monitor via an HDMI cable, CNX Software said.
Lets imagine that your home is equipped with a television monitor in the living room, family room, kitchen and bedroom.

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