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A thick-walled, dikaryotic, often overwintering spore of most rust and smut fungi, which germinates to form a basidium.

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(Botany) any of the dark noninfective spores that are produced in each telium of the rust fungi and remain dormant during the winter. Also called: teleutospore
[C20: from telium + spore]
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(ˈti li əˌspɔr, -ˌspoʊr, ˈtɛl i-)

a thick spore that develops in the telium of a rust or smut fungus during the fall and germinates the following spring.
[1870–75; telio- (comb. form of telium) + -spore]
te`li•o•spor′ic, adj.
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Noun1.teliospore - a chlamydospore that develops in the last stage of the life cycle of the rust fungusteliospore - a chlamydospore that develops in the last stage of the life cycle of the rust fungus
chlamydospore - thick-walled asexual resting spore of certain fungi and algae
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Two members of the Ustilago maydis velvet family influence teliospore development and virulence on maize seedlings.
scitamineum populations was shown to be extremely low among 142 single teliospore isolates collected from 15 countries based on the analysis of AFLP and RAPD markers [9].
Urediniospore and teliospore morphology were consistent with that described for Puccinia emaculata Schw.
violaceum teliospore stages after germination on media from yeast stages actually growing in nectar.
One to two (1-2) drops of the teliospore suspension was added to the petri dishes containing water agar medium These plates were incubated at 21 + 2 C0 for about 15 days for pure culture preparation of T.
Germination with phragmobasidia; often two-celled parts of the basidia separate from the rest of the basidium, and plasma left in the teliospore germinates again; basidial cells develop basidiospores or hyphae.
Unfortunately, for some unknown reason floral inoculation of a subset of genotypes used in the transplantation experiment with teliospore suspensions from the diseased experimental populations, resulted in very few successful infections.
12: Urediniospores, showing striolated verrucose ornamentation and a teliospore showing verrucose ornamentation with long pedicel, of Uromyces vossiae as seen by scanning electron microscope
Furthermore, the teliospore germination process and the curve of mycelial growth were observed in order to get a better determination on the key timing of sugarcane-smut interaction.
Teliospore balls from about 20 sori selected from at least five panicles were cultured individually on 20% (v/v) V8 juice agar amended with 500 mg [kg.sup.-1] each of chlortetracycline and nalidixic acid.
Briefly, the inoculum was made by well-mixing the thick-walled teliospore powder of S.