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1. Having force and producing a striking effect.
2. Revealing previously unknown information.

tell′ing·ly adv.
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Adv.1.tellingly - in a telling manner; "the plain manner of its style all the more tellingly points up the horror of the case"
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بصورةٍ مُؤَثِّرَه أو مُفْحِمَه
meî áhrifaríkum hætti
etkin bir şekilde


(tel) past tense, past participle told (tould) verb
1. to inform or give information to (a person) about (something). He told the whole story to John; He told John about it.
2. to order or command; to suggest or warn. I told him to go away.
3. to say or express in words. to tell lies / the truth / a story.
4. to distinguish; to see (a difference); to know or decide. Can you tell the difference between them?; I can't tell one from the other; You can tell if the meat is cooked by/from the colour.
5. to give away a secret. You mustn't tell or we'll get into trouble.
6. to be effective; to be seen to give (good) results. Good teaching will always tell.
ˈteller noun
1. a person who receives or pays out money over the counter at a bank.
2. a person who tells (stories). a story-teller.
ˈtelling adjective
having a great effect. a telling argument.
ˈtellingly adverb
ˈtelltale adjective
giving information (often which a person would not wish to be known). the telltale signs of guilt.
I told you so
I told or warned you that this would happen, had happened etc, and I was right. `I told you so, but you wouldn't believe me.
tell off to scold: The teacher used to tell me off for not doing my homework ( ˌtelling-ˈoff: He gave me a good telling-off) noun
tell on
1. to have a bad effect on. Smoking began to tell on his health.
2. to give information about (a person, usually if they are doing something wrong). I'm late for work – don't tell on me!
tell tales
to give away secret or private information about the (usually wrong) actions of others. You must never tell tales.
tell the time
to (be able to) know what time it is by looking at a clock etc or by any other means. He can tell the time from the position of the sun; Could you tell me the time, please?
there's no telling
it is impossible to know. There's no telling what he'll do!
you never can tell
it is possible. It might rain – you never can tell.
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At a time when individuality is supposed to be shown most tellingly by putting boots on one's hands and gloves on one's feet, it is somewhat refreshing to come across a true individualist who feels the chasm between himself and others so deeply, that he must perforce adapt himself to them outwardly, at least, in all respects, so that the inner difference should be overlooked.
Tellingly, the trio were gathered for an audience with Solskjaer at the Nad Al Sheba Complex earlier this week.
Tellingly, Mario Draghi also noted that rates will remain at current or lower levels for an extended period (although he subsequently noted that the bank does not anticipate that it will be necessary to cut rates further, preferring to focus on other measures).
When asked on whether he thought it was possible to deliver a cancer drugs fund to end our scandalous health postcode lottery before he left office, he tellingly said: "I'm laughing because your tenure could be one week or a year and a half whatever it happens to be." He was one day out as he lost his job exactly six days after what turned out to be his last round of media interviews.
But his old county have made no secret of the 36-year-old training with the rst-team squad and working with academy players this season, while earlier this month, the Red Rose tellingly refused to rule out the prospect of Flinto ending his retirement.
But, rather tellingly, she added: "Those who did not care about Artpop's success are now gone."
Tellingly, Merriam-Webster's secondary definition of neologism is a "compound word coined by a psychotic and meaningless to the hearer."
Duhamel tellingly dropped a male pronoun while he was discussing his plans for childproofing their home in an interview.
It was as quick as that and, the same day, the star striker was pictured at Newcastle Airport, on his way out of the North East and, tellingly, sitting reading The Sporting Life - Channon's main interest outside of football was owning race horses (ring a bell, does it?).
Tellingly, your edition of October 15 carried two paragraphs on the subject that were buried away on one of your news pages.
LAST TIME THEY MET August 13, 2011, Fulham 0 Villa 0: Alex McLeish's claret and blue reign tellingly kicks off with a goalless draw at Craven Cottage.
Tellingly, she also admits she is 'feeling very happy indeed'.