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1. The rearmost segment of the body of certain arthropods.
2. An extension of this segment, such as the middle lobe of the tail of a lobster or the stinger of a scorpion.

[Greek, limit.]


(Zoology) the last segment or an appendage on the last segment of the body of crustaceans and arachnids
[C19: from Greek: a boundary; probably related to telos end]
telsonic adj


(ˈtɛl sən)

the last segment, or an appendage of the last segment, of certain arthropods, as the middle flipper of a lobster's tail.
[1850–55; < Greek télson boundary, limit]
tel•son′ic (-ˈsɒn ɪk) adj.
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The abdomen (in dorsal view) has five abdominal somites that are freely articulated, with a lateroterminal spine at the right distal portion of the fifth segment with undeveloped appendages and the telson (Fig.
Telson: Ventral surface of the vesicle with faint pigment pattern; dorsal surface whitish due to the presence of a glandular area; reddish aculeus.