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 (tĕmp) Informal
A temporary worker, as in an office.
intr.v. temped, temp·ing, temps
To work as a temporary worker: was temping during the summer months.

[Short for temporary worker.]
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the act of working temporarily for a business, company, etc, esp as a secretary or office worker
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They marketed a dichotomous idea: temping was a legitimate career, providing family-sustaining employment while at the same time emancipating the worker from the typical 9-to-5 workday--"freelancing" became a trendy career path to take.
Sarah explained: "What I provide is an extremely good value service and something that is totally different to temping agencies.
"Most European countries have realised if they are going to increase temping, develop a competitive job market and cut unemployment, they need to make sure temporary workers are paid well and treated fairly.
It may sound like drastic action, but thanks to recent changes in the law, temping has never been more tempting for Britain's workers.
On Merseyside around 10% of female workers work in temporary jobs, and for many temping has become another way to search for a job or decide on a career.
April, an experienced PA, has been temping since August last year in a range of roles.
The upside of temping includes flexibility, independence, and the chance to gain valuable skills.
After suffering a shoulder injury while temping at a Palo Alto semiconductor firm in 1998, Cornejo spent nearly a year fighting his temp agency for workers' compensation, leaving him broke and in debt.
Financial temping won't bring lucrative stock options or golden parachutes (although there are some perks), but it does afford interesting and varied options--and respect.
Neither set has what one would consider a "good" job, but in most cases, today's temping opportunities offer no benefits, and no longterm job satisfaction.