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Noun1.temporal gyrus - any of the convolutions of the outer surface of the temporal lobe of the cerebrum
gyrus, convolution - a convex fold or elevation in the surface of the brain
temporal ccortex, temporal lobe - that part of the cerebral cortex in either hemisphere of the brain lying inside the temples of the head
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It was found that insight solutions corresponded with a burst of gamma activity in a region just above the right ear, called the anterior superior temporal gyrus. It seemed to be a moment when knowledge was being transferred from the unconscious to the conscious parts of the brain.
Compared with the normal elderlies, ReHo values decreased in aMCI patients in the left temporal lobe (middle temporal gyrus and inferior temporal gyrus), left parahippocampal gyrus, occipital lobe, lingual gyrus, precuneus, and other regions (P<0.05; Figure 3, Table 1), while ReHo values increased in the right side frontal lobe (inferior frontal gyrus), left superior temporal gyrus, precentral gyrus (frontal lobe), right thalamus, the left fusiform gyrus, and other regions (P<0.05; Figure 4, Table 2).
Participants' brain activation while correctly remembering names was significantly greater in four brain cortical regions (including the middle frontal gyrus, inferior temporal gryus, middle temporal gyrus, and fusiform gyrus) after exercise compared to after rest.
The researchers found that elderly individuals who perceived themselves as younger than their real age showed larger GM volume in the inferior frontal gyrus and the superior temporal gyrus. Additionally those who perceived themselves as younger also had younger predicted brain age.
Before the intervention found that areas related to anomia were the superior frontal gyrus, the angular gyrus and the superior temporal gyrus and a half I left mainly hemisphere.
The ALFF of the middle temporal gyrus of the NDS patients was significantly reduced and was negatively related to the P3b latency of P300.
(27) Furthermore, heavy-drinking adolescents showed accelerated reductions in the thalamus/hypothalamus, inferior temporal gyrus, middle temporal gyrus (miTG), caudate, and brain stem, with greater lifetime alcohol use associated with a greater reduction in gray-matter volume in the left caudate and brainstem.
GMV reductions in the bilateral middle temporal gyrus left ventral medial prefrontal gyrus, left lingual gyrus, and dorsal medial prefrontal gyrus have been correlated with the severity of the depressive symptoms.
In addition to this, medial frontal gyrus and superior temporal gyrus which are known to be part of the DMN were shown to have higher activation values for the karate players.
Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) studies have shown that binge drinking is associated with changes in activation (assassed by the blood-oxygen-level-dependent signal (BOLD)) in the resting brain including the subcallosal cortex (SCC), left temporal fusiform cortex (TFC), and left inferior temporal gyrus (ITG), which is involved in the reward brain network, visual recognition of the emotions, and memory, respectively [64].
For the Inflation event, between-group comparisons revealed that SCZ + S patients had increased activations in the right cerebellar declive and lingual gyrus in comparison to SCZ - S patients, as well as increased activations in the left superior temporal gyrus in comparison to healthy participants.
[sup.11]C-pPIB also revealed significant intergroup differences, with regions of hypoperfusion in the STG, inferior temporal gyrus, SPL, and PCC, which is consistent with previous studies using [sup.99m]Technetium-single photon emission computed tomography showing specific patterns of hypoperfusion in parietal-temporal cortical areas [41, 42].