temporal lobe epilepsy

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Noun1.temporal lobe epilepsy - epilepsy characterized clinically by impairment of consciousness and amnesia for the episode; often involves purposeful movements of the arms and legs and sometimes hallucinations
epilepsy - a disorder of the central nervous system characterized by loss of consciousness and convulsions
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Age at onset of temporal lobe seizure and ApoE genotype polymorphism.
I realize now, though it didn't occur to me then, that I was experiencing the classic symptoms of a temporal lobe seizure.
The court asserted this defense, long recognized under Washington law, could have been used to reflect evidence the defendant suffered from a right temporal lobe seizure, or "explosive dyscontrol," from chronic drug use.
Effects of hemispheric lateralization and site specifity on immune alterations induced by kindled temporal lobe seizures.
Ictal signs associated with an insular discharge are very similar to those usually attributed to mesial temporal lobe seizures.
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