temporal order

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Noun1.temporal order - arrangement of events in time
temporal property - a property relating to time
chronological sequence, chronological succession, succession, successiveness, sequence - a following of one thing after another in time; "the doctor saw a sequence of patients"
timing - the time when something happens
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Stevens Institute of Technology and the University of Vienna scientists were co-authors on Bell's Theorem for Temporal Order, published in Nature Communications.
It is their specific task to renew the temporal order according to Gospel principles and values.'
We presented temporal and magnitude statements in separate blocks to preclude the possibility that participants might remember temporal order of the original presentation in case they were required to evaluate a temporal relational statement.
Video on demand (VoD) is a service that enables users to view video content from a wide range of digital libraries and control the temporal order to view content through internet.
A lot of narratological terms are used, such as "discourse, story, frame, sequence, embedding, narrative gap, temporal order, Genette's model on anachrony and diegesis"; moreover, the great figures in the narratological field, like Genette, Mieke Bal, Herman, Prince, Todorov, are almost unexceptionally quoted.
Although seizure is not the sufficient cause of AF, the temporal order of events in this case report is in favor of seizure as the cause of AF and not vice versa.
It is known that the perception of temporal order contributes to the individual discriminating words with subtle differences in the position of the phonemes [24] and it has been related to sound processing in the region of the temporal cortex [25].
The topics include assessing duration discrimination: psychophysical methods and psychometric function analysis, temporal decision-making: common procedures and contemporary approaches, analyzing multi-person timing in music and movement: event-based methods, temporal order and synchrony judgements: a primer for students, and tracking time in the infant brain.
In an analysis adjusted for time since diagnosis of unipolar depression, the temporal order of prescribed drugs, and other concomitant medications, the use of lithium was associated with a 53% reduction in the risk of readmission, compared with nonuse.
He reminded us that the organizing principles--see, judge and act--that have inspired Catholic action groups around the world are "a powerful pathway for those who seek to renew the temporal order in the light of the Gospel and justice."
Therefore, the temporal order is only an illusory perspective of the spiritual necessary reality; however, the illusory nature of the perspective is not attached to the reality which is manifested in the temporal order, but to the limitation that the perspective tries to imprint on that good, because good is God.
Of course, the spiritual realm is of a higher order and must be preferred over the temporal order. When there is a clash between civil authority and Ecclesiastical authority, a faithful Catholic is bound by the commandments of the Church.