temporal order

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Noun1.temporal order - arrangement of events in time
temporal property - a property relating to time
chronological sequence, chronological succession, succession, successiveness, sequence - a following of one thing after another in time; "the doctor saw a sequence of patients"
timing - the time when something happens
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In an analysis adjusted for time since diagnosis of unipolar depression, the temporal order of prescribed drugs, and other concomitant medications, the use of lithium was associated with a 53% reduction in the risk of readmission, compared with nonuse.
He reminded us that the organizing principles--see, judge and act--that have inspired Catholic action groups around the world are "a powerful pathway for those who seek to renew the temporal order in the light of the Gospel and justice.
Therefore, the temporal order is only an illusory perspective of the spiritual necessary reality; however, the illusory nature of the perspective is not attached to the reality which is manifested in the temporal order, but to the limitation that the perspective tries to imprint on that good, because good is God.
Of course, the spiritual realm is of a higher order and must be preferred over the temporal order.
Consequently, there isn't a single temporal order of all events.
The procedures and the temporal order of performance of two paths will remain unchanged, subject to the right to change, defined by the Municipality of Porto Venere in agreement with the school authorities, which will be communicated to the contractor who will adapt the service according to the new provisions.
We usually put the facts of our lives into a tabulated form we call temporal order, tending to compare the instant moments of our lives with moments to come or those that have gone by.
The temporal order of events helps in identifying the sequential relation between events and thus help in predicting the occurrence of events Mirza (2014).
After all, the new temporal order has not resolved the inherent tension in Pascal's version of the Augustinian two cities where la gloire and la misere coexist.
The reason for this is that temporal order is a good candidate for a morally arbitrary feature.
The advantage of a simple nonpharmacological sensory manipulation, such as a period of darkness, is that it may initiate changes in a constellation of molecules in a beneficial temporal order and in appropriate brain regions," they said.
Either the temporal order of the subject's perceptions necessarily reflects the correct order of things, or the temporal order of his perceptions does not necessarily reflect the correct order of things.