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Lasting, used, serving, or enjoyed for a limited time.
n. pl. tem·po·rar·ies
One that serves for a limited time: an office staffed by temporaries.

[Latin temporārius, from tempus, tempor-, time.]

tem′po·rar′i·ly adv.
tem′po·rar′i·ness n.
Synonyms: temporary, acting, interim, provisional
These adjectives mean assuming the duties of another for the time being: a temporary chairperson; the acting dean; an interim administration; a provisional mayor.
Antonym: permanent
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Noun1.temporariness - the property of lasting only a short time
impermanence, impermanency - the property of not existing for indefinitely long durations
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وَقْتِيَّه، كَوْن الشَّيء مؤَقَّتا
átmeneti állapot
e-î sem er til bráîabirgîa


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(ˈtempərəri) , ((American) ˈtempəreri) adjective
lasting, acting, used etc for a (short) time only. a temporary job; He made a temporary repair.
ˈtemporarily adverb
ˈtemporariness noun
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In the camps, their own educational and vocational pursuits are truncated, and a sense of 'permanent temporariness' prevails, not to mention desperation and depression.
Her arrangements resist the main thrust of capitalist production, its constant destructive renewal, its looming temporariness.
Referencing the Palestinian situation, the works speak about human alienation, suspended states between temporariness and permanence, and varying notions of dwelling, building and architecture.
It demonstrates in a powerful yet moving way how, during periods of uncertainty and temporariness, such as between flight and resettlement, refugees can productively engage at the family level to act upon their own future.
Genzken distills this feeling of temporariness and immediacy in the series "Strandhauser zum Umziehen" (Beach changing houses), 2000, completed for the Frankfurt exhibition.
Currently, higher education cannot be prioritized in a donor-driven environment, structured to maintain a state of "permanent temporariness." (94) By failing to recognize the protracted nature of refugee situations in order to maintain this narrative of temporariness, donors restrict themselves from providing opportunities for learning and skills development beyond primary and secondary education.
The handcrafted, thrifty, and vulnerable eccentricity of its materials (e.g., aluminum foil wrapped around cardboard cores, even the shaky "pavilion" housing the work itself, constructed from board, plastic, and paper and containing video monitors as much as the "sculptures" themselves) not only generated a condition of temporariness and ephemerality that is seemingly a requisite for sculpture that credibly reflects on its condition of crisis but also constructed a melancholic stage to contemplate sculpture's lost possibilities and the medium's current forms of individually motivated opposition.
(6) Crisp defines local integration primarily as reflecting the "assumption that refugees will remain indefinitely in their country of asylum and find a solution to their plight in that state," (7) in contrast to the assumption of temporariness inherent in camps and repatriation programs.
For many of her participants, their existence in the US was "a condition of permanent temporariness." (26)
Few, if any, have official refugee status, which implies a temporariness which belies the circumstances.
Alexander characterizes four policy manifestations in the transition from temporariness to permanence, fuelled by what he calls "the myth of return." (68) The stronger the hold this "myth" (that return will be possible and inevitable) has on policy makers, the more likely it is that they will adopt a "non-policy" towards immigrants.
That temporariness is what the BJP believes has gone on long enough, and abrogated with a presidential notification in the Rajya Sabha (Upper House of parliament).

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