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Noun1.temporary worker - a worker (especially in an office) hired on a temporary basistemporary worker - a worker (especially in an office) hired on a temporary basis
worker - a person who works at a specific occupation; "he is a good worker"
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Additionally, agencies will be required to reimburse a temporary worker who is sent to a worksite when no jobs are available there.
An employment relationship exists between the temporary-help service company and the temporary worker. The temporary-help service company is the sole employer of the temporary worker (Urban-Crell & Schulz, 2003).
(1995) found that when temporary workers were working in temporary positions that were consistent with their prior education (which would be more likely for a high-skilled temporary worker); they had significantly more positive attitudes toward their job.
The concentration of temporary worker employment in the Midwest stayed similar to that in the Nation as a whole for much of the 1990-2008 period.
"The labor inspectors from the department of inspection will check the legality of temporary worker visas issued for the Hajj season at all air, land and sea ports surrounding the Hajj area, including special ports that receive them," Khaled Abalkhail, a spokesman of the ministry, said Monday.
To ensure the safety of temporary workers does not fall through the cracks, OSHA launched a temporary worker initiative in April 2013 and has since published various guidelines on it.
One of GRS's first temporary worker projects was supplying around 200 employees to the airport construction project in office based, skilled and unskilled positions.
A temporary worker may be deemed to be an "employee" of both the employer and/or a temporary staffing agency if certain factors demonstrate that a "joint employer relationship" exists between the two.
Both the host employer and the staffing agency may also agree to jointly provide a new project orientation and safety training to a temporary worker before he begins work or at the new worksite.
In 2012, 32 temporary worker accommodation sites were constructed and three campaigns focused on these sites.
High scores on this scale suggested a strong desire to continue as a temporary worker.