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v. tem·po·rized, tem·po·riz·ing, tem·po·riz·es
1. To act or speak in order to gain time, avoid an argument, or postpone a decision: "Colonial officials ... ordered to enforce unpopular enactments, tended to temporize, to find excuses for evasion" (J.H. Parry).
2. To act to suit current circumstances or necessities: "When an evil has sprung up within a state, the more certain remedy by far is to temporize with it" (Brian Moore).
To say or utter in temporizing.

[French temporiser, from Old French, from Medieval Latin temporizāre, to pass one's time, from Latin tempus, tempor-, time.]

tem′po·ri·za′tion (-pər-ĭ-zā′shən) n.
tem′po·riz′er n.
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In case of large wounds, an initial temporization with vacuum assisted closure (VAC) dressings were performed.
Many questions remain open for further inquiry, such as the temporization of the making of an Aristotelian self-of-virtue and a virtue identity through the life span, or the operationalization of these concepts for virtue research.
Temporization of penetrating abdominal-pelvic trauma with manual external aortic compression: a novel case report.
Provisional veneers were fabricated with Protemp Plus temporization material (3M ESPE) and cemented.
Two thick coats of Ledermix paste were placed in the access cavity, and the excess paste was not removed prior to temporization with Cavit and Fuji 8 (Figure 3).
Final Impression and Temporization. Following tooth preparation, gingival retraction was achieved using retraction cords (Ultrapak Cord #00, Ultradent Products Inc., South Jordan, UT, USA) soaked in a hemostatic agent.
CT guided dental implant surgery allows decreased operating time, flapless procedures (3, 4), and decreased postoperative pain and swelling, and immediate temporization (5).
They have shown that both Putin and Trump are capable of making crucial decisions, with no temporization or procrastination, political analyst said.
To this Crusoe has no response except the hasty temporization that God will eventually punish the devil, which rather than settling the question simply prompts Friday to renew it, as he reasonably then wonders why God does not strike the devil down right now, before he can do any more harm.
The initial treatment or temporization of pancreatic necrosis with minimally invasive procedures such as percutaneous drainage (PCD), endoscopic necrosectomy (EN), and video assisted retroperitoneal debridement (VARD) has been reported as the Step-Up protocol in several multicenter trials to include the PANTER trial from the Dutch Group [9].
At the same time, the possibility of immediately loading the implants allows the industry to globally reduce the duration of implant-prosthetic treatment and restore aesthetics and function without periods of temporization with removable dentures which is usually unwelcome to the patient [2-4].