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Adj.1.ten-fold - containing ten or ten parts
multiple - having or involving or consisting of more than one part or entity or individual; "multiple birth"; "multiple ownership"; "made multiple copies of the speech"; "his multiple achievements in public life"; "her multiple personalities"; "a pineapple is a multiple fruit"
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If her talent had been ten-fold greater than it was, it would not have surprised him, convinced as he was that he had bequeathed to all of his daughters the germs of a masterful capability, which only depended upon their own efforts to be directed toward successful achievement.
Nevertheless, these valiant artillerists took no particular account of these little facts, and felt justly proud when the despatches of a battle returned the number of victims at ten-fold the quantity of projectiles expended.
This mad excitement over, there returned, with ten-fold force, the dreadful consciousness of his crime.
And when he chose to speak a harsh thought, it was ten-fold harsher than ordinarily, because it seemed to proceed out of such profundity of cogitation, because it was as prodigiously deliberate in its incubation as it was in its enunciation.
"Your kind letter reach'd me after many an anxious hour spent in expectation, and repays me ten-fold for all my uneasiness.
The chances of mistakes occurring are multiplied ten-fold.
It signed an agreement with the West African nation's authorities in April to proceed with the interim phase of the narrow-gauge concession that is expected to grow freight haulage capacity in the country ten-fold to 500,000 metric tons annually.
The amount of plastic trash exported from the UK to Taiwan between January and April of this year has increased ten-fold compared to this period last year.
'These, amongst other projects, have resulted in the country's debt to China increasing almost ten-fold, from $366 million (Sh37 billion) in 2012 to $3.1 billion ( Sh313.41 billion) in 2016,' Knight Frank's head of research Charles Macharia said.
FARMERS could play a major role in helping the UK meet its renewable energy targets after it was claimed that the amount of crops grown for biofuel could be increased ten-fold.
Summary: The Exchange's Indian SSFs witnessed strong growth from July to the end of October 2017, trading a total of 851,108 contracts, up ten-fold from 2016, with a value of $5.42 billion