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Adj.1.ten-sided - having ten sides
many-sided, multilateral - having many parts or sides
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Even a Master of Arts in our University of Wentbridge has been known to confuse a ten-sided with a twelve-sided Polygon; and there is hardly a Doctor of Science in or out of that famous University who could pretend to decide promptly and unhesitatingly between a twenty-sided and a twenty-four sided member of the Aristocracy.
This is the third agreement of a ten-sided Memorandum of Understanding that IKCO has signed with well-known global car makers as well as part makers.
Here is a ten-sided die that will be used to determine earnings; the sides are numbered from 0 to 9.
What name is given to the ten-sided yellow fruit of the carambola tree?
In the latter case, a six-sided die numbered 1-6 requires different thinking than a ten-sided die numbered 0-9 (or 1-10, where 10 is announced as 0).