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a. Extremely persistent in adhering to or doing something; stubborn or relentless: "tenacious defenders of their harsh and pitiless land" (Dee Brown).
b. Characterized by extreme persistence; relentless or enduring: tenacious detective work; tenacious superstitions.
2. Holding together firmly; cohesive: a tenacious material.
3. Clinging to another object or surface; adhesive: tenacious lint.
4. Tending to retain; retentive: a tenacious memory.

[From Latin tenāx, tenāc-, holding fast, from tenēre, to hold; see ten- in Indo-European roots.]

te·na′cious·ly adv.
te·nac′i·ty (tə-năs′ĭ-tē), te·na′cious·ness n.
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Noun1.tenaciousness - persistent determinationtenaciousness - persistent determination    
determination, purpose - the quality of being determined to do or achieve something; firmness of purpose; "his determination showed in his every movement"; "he is a man of purpose"
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Gimondi was known for his tenaciousness in the face of Merckx's dominance in the late 60s and early 70s but the two became friends, with Merckx in tears when he was told of Gimondi's death.
The book is full of accounts of aggressive representation in which a defense attorney's tenaciousness resulted in demonstrably better outcomes.
This is how Jane Eliot and Derek Attridge have characterized the tenaciousness of the Western critical project.48 The metaphorization of Western criticism and theory in feline terms is neither amiss nor without a history.
These massive challenges, as well as tackling one of the biggest deadweights of all - that most of us Scots just don't take personal interest in a diet or exercise plan - require communication skills, political savvy and tenaciousness that have been lacking.
KAT says, "Our mission is to create and transform spaces that will realize the power and tenaciousness of an amazing 'First Impression'.
And though his ideas may indeed be big and difficult to build, he has the tenaciousness, suaveness, and drive to see them through to the finish line.
Felton's professional plight, as well as his tenaciousness, were reported by Ed Sullivan, the longtime New York Daily News syndicated columnist and iconic TV variety show host.
Better known for his tenaciousness than his patience, Piazzolla's deference to his collaborator's silence finally broke.
When Banks finally gets Richards (Shaun Dooley) in for questioning, he brings out the big guns and satisfactorily slams him with all his macho Yorkshire angry tenaciousness.
WHIS dynamism in attack and his tenaciousness in defence.