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Easily moved by another's distress; compassionate.

ten′der·heart′ed·ly adv.
ten′der·heart′ed·ness n.
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Noun1.tenderheartedness - warm compassionate feelings
compassion, compassionateness - a deep awareness of and sympathy for another's suffering
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There are episodes in most men's lives in which their highest qualities can only cast a deterring shadow over the objects that fill their inward vision: Lydgate's tenderheartedness was present just then only as a dread lest he should offend against it, not as an emotion that swayed him to tenderness.
CHITRAL -- The Chitral city and its suburbs are witnessing a good number of beggars coming from the downcountry, thanks to the region's pleasant weather, ideal peace and tenderheartedness of local people.
to situate that painting in a context that evinces tenderheartedness.
It's just this toughness of mind and tenderheartedness, this capacity to bring love to the very center of their resistance, that the world witnessed in the demonstrations of the Civil Rights period.
Granted, Sophia is not an avowed vegetarian, but her tenderheartedness toward animals extends beyond sentiment.