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Adj.1.tenderised - made tender as by marinating or pounding; "tenderized meat"
tender - easy to cut or chew; "tender beef"
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Deccan Delight's Patthar Ka Gosht is a Hyderabadi speciality with lamb spices tenderised with papaya and cooked over a coal fire on a stone slab, be sure to order a portion
My starter of marinated salmon was a colourful and substantial plate of delicately citric fish, nicely tenderised by its lemony soak, with a good and fresh garnish of salad.
Italian supreme, stuffed with sunblushed tomatoes, seasoned with olive oil and black pepper and wrapped in two pieces of tenderised dry cured smoked short back bacon.
The 'Pokerface' hitmaker sipped on whiskey as she mixed flour and breadcrumbs and later tenderised chicken fillets with a large frying pan.
'Tenderised Electro', along with a cocktail of House, Hip Hop and R&B, is what you'll be served by DJ Aaron James at The Love Hotel at ai, MGF Metropolitan Mall, Saket.