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ten·der 1

adj. ten·der·er, ten·der·est
a. Easily crushed or bruised; fragile: a tender petal.
b. Easily chewed or cut: tender beef.
2. Young and vulnerable: of tender age.
3. Frail; delicate.
4. Sensitive to frost or severe cold; not hardy: tender green shoots.
a. Easily hurt; sensitive: tender skin.
b. Painful; sore: a tender tooth.
a. Considerate and protective; solicitous: a tender mother; his tender concern.
b. Characterized by or expressing gentle emotions; loving: a tender glance; a tender ballad.
c. Given to sympathy or sentimentality; soft: a tender heart.
7. Nautical Likely to heel easily under sail; crank.
tr.v. ten·dered, ten·der·ing, ten·ders
To make tender.
A strip of meat, usually chicken, often breaded, deep-fried, and served with a sauce.

[Middle English, from Old French tendre, from Latin tener; see ten- in Indo-European roots. N., possibly short for tenderloin.]

ten′der·ly adv.
ten′der·ness n.

ten·der 2

1. A formal offer, as:
a. Law An offer to pay the amount due under a debt or obligation.
b. A written offer to contract goods or services at a specified cost or rate; a bid.
2. Something, especially money, offered in payment.
tr.v. ten·dered, ten·der·ing, ten·ders
1. To offer formally: tender a letter of resignation.
2. Law To offer (payment or performance) pursuant to an obligation.

[From French tendre, to offer, from Old French, from Latin tendere, to hold forth, extend; see ten- in Indo-European roots.]

ten′der·er n.

tend·er 3

1. One who tends something: a lathe tender.
2. Nautical A vessel attendant on other vessels, especially one that ferries supplies between ship and shore.
3. A railroad car attached to the rear of a locomotive and designed to carry fuel and water.
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Adv.1.tenderly - with tenderness; in a tender manner; "tenderly she placed her arms round him"
بطراوَه، بِرِقَّه، بِنُعومَه، بِلين


[ˈtendəlɪ] ADV (= affectionately) [kiss, say, smile] → tiernamente, con ternura


[ˈtɛndərli] advtendrement, avec tendresse



[ˈtɛndəlɪ] adv (affectionately) → teneramente


(ˈtendə) adjective
1. soft; not hard or tough. The meat is tender.
2. sore; painful when touched. His injured leg is still tender.
3. loving; gentle. She had a tender heart.
ˈtenderness noun
ˈtenderly adverb
in a loving and gentle manner. He kissed her tenderly.
ˌtender-ˈhearted adjective
kind and sympathetic; easily made to feel pity.
ˌtender-ˈheartedness noun
References in classic literature ?
In spite of her small vanities, Margaret had a sweet and pious nature, which unconsciously influenced her sisters, especially Jo, who loved her very tenderly, and obeyed her because her advice was so gently given.
His head hurt so that presently he fell down and lay still, but it was only after Jesse had carried him to the buggy and he awoke to find the old man's hand stroking his head tenderly that the terror left him.
Madame Valmonde bent her portly figure over Desiree and kissed her, holding her an instant tenderly in her arms.
Thoughtful hands had taken care of the vines and rose-bushes on the trellises; water--that precious element in Devil's Ford--had not been spared in keeping green through the long drought the plants which the girls had so tenderly nurtured.
When a lady, in a delicate and costly summer garb, with a floating veil and gracefully swaying gown, and, altogether, an ethereal lightness that made you look at her beautifully slippered feet, to see whether she trod on the dust or floated in the air,--when such a vision happened to pass through this retired street, leaving it tenderly and delusively fragrant with her passage, as if a bouquet of tea-roses had been borne along, --then again, it is to be feared, old Hepzibah's scowl could no longer vindicate itself entirely on the plea of near-sightedness.
Then he led me into my box, took off the saddle and bridle with his own hands, and tied me up; then he called for a pail of warm water and a sponge, took off his coat, and while the stable-man held the pail, he sponged my sides a good while, so tenderly that I was sure he knew how sore and bruised they were.
For the child, though nursed so tenderly, and though life was unfolding before her with every brightness that love and wealth could give, had no regret for herself in dying.
You see, the Seventh Cavalry has never had a child of its very own before, and neither has the Ninth Dragoons; and so they are like all new mothers, they think there is no other child like theirs, no other child so wonderful, none that is so worthy to be faithfully and tenderly looked after and protected.
One feels drawn tenderly toward her and is moved to forget her many crimes and remember only the good deed that crowned and closed her career.
John Knightley was a pretty, elegant little woman, of gentle, quiet manners, and a disposition remarkably amiable and affectionate; wrapt up in her family; a devoted wife, a doating mother, and so tenderly attached to her father and sister that, but for these higher ties, a warmer love might have seemed impossible.
Ere long, I became aware that some one was handling me; lifting me up and supporting me in a sitting posture, and that more tenderly than I had ever been raised or upheld before.
Her brother, who loved her tenderly, was appalled at this fantastic preference.