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n. & v.1.See 1st and 2d Teen.
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Half of the health authorities in the top tene are in London and the South-east.
Avery Dennison Corporation (NYSE:AVY), a provider of in labelling and packaging materials and solutions, announced on Tuesday that it has agreed to acquire Hanita Coatings, a pressure-sensitive materials manufacturer of specialty films and laminates, from Kibbutz Hanita Coatings and Tene Investment Funds for the purchase price of USD75m, subject to customary adjustments.
He catalogs and classifies British swords and scabbards from the La Tene period, beginning at least as early as the fourth century BC and continuing to the time of the Roman conquest.
A spokesman for La Tene Mapos, which carried out the survey, said: "Just eight new offshore windfarms of around 500 MW would generate as much electricity as is now being generated by all other sources in Ireland."
"I was a civil servant in Slough for ten years now I am happy working for myself in a beautiful 15th century stone farmhouse overlooking the Tene Valley."
Hanita Coatings is a pressure-sensitive materials manufacturer of coated, laminated and metallised specialty polyester films and laminates from Kibbutz Hanita Coatings and Tene Investment Funds.
The buyout firm will acquire the stake from kibbutzim Hatzerim, Yiftach and Magal as well as from local funds Markstone and Tene. As part of the agreement, kibbutz Hatzerim will keep a significant stake in the firm, while kibbutz Magal retains a minority holding.
Comparing a yard-long stone scepter found in the seventh-century ship found in southern England and the Pfalzfeld pillar dating to about 400 BC on the continent, Enright (Medieval history, East Carolina U., North Carolina) argues that there was an enduring theory of kingship among the Celtics from the La Tene period to the early middle ages.
According to the company, Dr Halperin, a co-founder of Tene Investment Funds, resigned following the recent completion of a secondary offering of Tene's shares in the company.