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n. pl. tenge
See Table at currency.

[Kazakh; akin to terms for coins in other Turkic languages such as Turkmen teňň, subunit of currency ; ultimately akin to Sanskrit ṭaṅkaḥ, a stamped coin, and Persian tanga, a gold or copper coin.]
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(Currencies) the standard monetary unit of Kazakhstan, divided into 100 tiyn
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Noun1.tenge - 100 tenge equal 1 manat in Turkmenistan
Turkmen monetary unit - monetary unit in Turkmenistan
2.tenge - the basic unit of money in Kazakhstan
Kazakhstani monetary unit - monetary unit in Kazakhstan
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On 9 February, Standard & Poor's Ratings Services said the National Bank of Kazakhstan "will either allow a gradual depreciation of the tenge or undertake another step devaluation this year, to accommodate lower oil prices and to ease the tenge's appreciation against the ruble (against which it has appreciated by around 50% in nominal terms since last year's tenge devaluation)."
ASTANA (CyHAN)- Tenge, Kazakhstan's national currency was selected as the "Bank Note of the year 2013" by the International Bank Note Society (IBNS).
The state budget revenues in the first four months of 2019 amounted to 3.993 trillion tenge, budget expenditures - 4.128 trillion tenge in Kazakhstan, Minister of Finance Alikhan Smailov said during the government meeting on May 14.
The weighted average US dollar rate at the morning session of the Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) on May 2, 2019 amounted to 380.78 tenge,Trendreports with reference to the exchange.
ASTANA (CyHAN)- Some 40-50 people are demonstrating in front of the Kazakh National Bank in the city of Almaty following devaluation of national currency tenge, Novosti-Kazakhstan reported on Feb.
Total amount of manufactured goods and provided services reached 8.5 trillion tenge, which is a slight increase of 1.2 percent compared to 2017.
Kazakh Minister of Finance Alikhan Smailov said the state budget revenues in Q1 amounted to 2.9 trillion tenge.
Kazakhstan will allocate 555 billion tenge or nearly US$ 305.6 million to finance medium and small businesses of the country in 2015-2016, the press service of the Ministry of National Economy of Kazakhstan said.
ASTANA (CyHAN)- The cost of a liter of AI- 92 petrol has been increased up to 115 tenge (153.72 tenge = $ 1) in Kazakhstan since October 25, the Kazakh Agency for Regulation of Natural Monopolies reported on Friday.
The weighted average dollar rate at the afternoon session of the Kazakhstan Stock Exchange (KASE) on April 30, 2019 amounted to 381,13 tenge,Trendreports with reference to Kazakh media.