tennis coach

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coach, manager, handler - (sports) someone in charge of training an athlete or a team
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The second PS5,000 grant has been given to the Tennis Foundation to teach over 70 Loughborough University students the skills, qualifications and confidence needed to be a successful tennis coach.
Khawaja said an international table tennis coach from Jordan would impart coaching training to Pakistani coaches.
Summary: UAE's tennis coach wants Behroozian and Nader to continue with Davis Cup squad
MACY CLARKE, a highly-promising 11-year-old tennis player from West Derby, has returned home from Italy, where she spent two weeks working with world renowned tennis coach Bob Brett.
Alicia is a Level 3 tennis coach as well an accredited referee and competition organiser.
He holds a Diploma in Sports Coaching in Table Tennis from the National Institute of Sports (NIS) Patiala in India and has been working as a table tennis coach since 2005.
Tennis coach Stuart Cass was back on court less than three months after choosing to have his hip replacement at North Tyneside General Hospital.
Sean Stafford Role: Tennis coach Age: 23 Car: Ford Fiesta Zetec Holidays: Just back from Minorca, but I also enjoy ski-ing in France and visiting family at St Anne's First job: I've never had a 'proper' job, even as a student
Last year's winner was Barbara Borwell, who has been an influential tennis coach, tournament organiser and volunteer for many years, helping youngsters get a taste for the game at Tennis World in Middlesbrough and across the North-east.
Ryan is now a qualified level 2 tennis coach and last week he was in the Play Tennis zone.
Sydney, Sep 21( ANI ): Mark Fitzpatrick, a professional Australian tennis coach, has been sentenced to at least three-and-a-half years in jail for regularly sexually abusing a gifted teenage student for almost two years.
Nashoba Regional boys' tennis coach and gym teacher Dan Spedding was fired after he "engaged in conduct that was unprofessional, unbecoming and unacceptable," according to a statement yesterday by superintendent of schools Michael Wood.