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1. One of the bottle-shaped pins used in bowling.
2. tenpins(used with a sing. verb) See bowling.



1. (used with a sing. v.) a form of bowling, played with ten wooden pins.
2. tenpin, a pin used in this game.
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Noun1.tenpins - bowling down an alley at a target of ten wooden pinstenpins - bowling down an alley at a target of ten wooden pins
bowling - a game in which balls are rolled at an object or group of objects with the aim of knocking them over or moving them
split - (tenpin bowling) a divided formation of pins left standing after the first bowl; "he was winning until he got a split in the tenth frame"
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They're almost as big as the giant redwoods of California, and yet they were bowled over as if they were tenpins."
He was not sure that he could manage the "sheeny," and he did not mean to take any chances with his district; let the Republicans nominate a certain obscure but amiable friend of Scully's, who was now setting tenpins in the cellar of an Ashland Avenue saloon, and he, Scully, would elect him with the "sheeny's" money, and the Republicans might have the glory, which was more than they would get otherwise.
Down went the Galu and Kro-lu warriors like tenpins before that deadly fusillade.