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 (tĕn′səl, -sīl′)
1. Of or relating to tension.
2. Capable of being stretched or extended; ductile.

[New Latin tēnsilis, from Latin tēnsus, stretched out; see tense1.]

ten·sil′i·ty (tĕn-sĭl′ĭ-tē) n.
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Industrial textiles provide reliable tensility but, unlike steel, are light, making them easier to handle for projects of all sizes, be it vehicle roofs or football stadiums.
Carbon fibre - a component used frequently in cars as well, is much lighter in nature than conventional iron, steel or other material, and yet presents high tensility and elasticity, with increased coefficient of shock.
Tensility (Bend, OR) introduces a cable, wire, and connector series rated to 105[degrees]C for a higher energy use and heat resistance.
For example, mathematical preconditions regarding the smallness of the function v(x,t): [absolute value of v(x,t)] [much less than] 1, analyticity or at least smoothing v(x,t) [member of] [C.sup.2] ([0, l] x [0, [infinity])), physical preconditions regarding string weightlessness, nontensility and absolute tensility. In the opposite case, we should account for the effect of gravitational forces and for the fact that the string's length in the process of its motions may change, therefore the Hooke tensility law does not work.
(28) Although both Plato and Aristotle emphasize the role of rationality in practice, Aristotle notices the tensility between rationality and experience, between universality and particularity and he treats rationality with less absoluteness than Plato does, and with some efforts to tone down.
Autotomy of these organs in Eupentacta quinquesemita is a result of complete loss in the tensility of their connective tissue [84].
Thus, puerarin improved microcirculation by inducing angiogenesis and improving arteriole tensility and elasticity.
But if many artists at the time had similarly reduced artistic gesture, submitting it to lugubrious gravity or tensility, Whitten's operation pointed to faster forces: radar, cathode ray, satellite, electron beam, hydrogen bubble chamber, inkjet.
They are demonstrating, that examined yarns have different rigidity and tensility, what is influencing their friction properties and conversion.