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1. An instrument for measuring tensile strength.
2. An instrument used to measure the surface tension of a liquid.

ten′si·o·met′ric (-ə-mĕt′rĭk) adj.
ten′si·om′e·try n.
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(General Physics) relating to the measurement of tension
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Newly developed temperature control units for tensiometric analysis from -15 to 300[degrees]C .
Early imaging of integration response to polypropylene mesh in abdominal wall by environmental scanning electron microscopy: comparison of two placement techniques and correlation with tensiometric studies.
Following tensiometric measurement, wherein a lower surface tension for the marjoram-emulsifier combination was ascertained, it was confirmed that this system possessed greater surface active properties.
Morgan K.T, Parsons LR, Wheaton TA (2001) Comparison of laboratory-and field-derived soil water retention curves for a fine sand soil using tensiometric, resistance and capacitance methods.
Force measurement on the roller electrode was done with the help of load cells; also the measurement of the moments on the roller electrode and the detail was provided with the help of tensiometric sensor of resistance.
gossypiifolia (plant part not specified) was evaluated in suture healing of ventral abdominal wall of rats, through tensiometric measurement and macro- and microscopic aspect of postoperative period.
The testing of muscle force was measured under isometric conditions of muscle contraction with a Tensiometric Dynamometer (IMADA Z2H-1100-Japan) consisting of special cells ranging to 5000 N and with the sensitivity of 1.25 N.