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Adj.1.tensionless - free from tension
lax - lacking in strength or firmness or resilience; "a lax rope"; "a limp handshake"
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As Frankl (2006) stated, "what man actually needs is not a tensionless state but rather the striving and struggling for some goal worthy of him" (p.
Tensionless food grade belting fits loosely and allows you to lift the belt for full access to the inside of the conveyor system.
A characteristic feature of 6d SCFTs is that their degrees of freedom include tensionless strings; while some properties of these strings have been studied in recent years, the 2d SCFTs that govern their behavior have not been constructed.
Mobilization of the arterial end in a young patient with non disease arteries often allows the construction of a tensionless primary arterial repair10.
The basic sensory expression of this unity was the experience of collective inner peace, or 'homeostasis', in which one's mind and body shared with those of its neighbours a state of emotionless serenity (ikhlas): a state that found its ideal reflection in the tensionless face of the corpse at a neighbourhood funeral as a model of appropriate expression for the living.
Professor Wiens's position is a clearly stated 50-50 ratio; she cited some pedagogues who lean firmly towards teaching the skill of listening as the most essential, and cited others who feel that the sensations of free and tensionless singing reign supreme.
Lichtenstein Hernia Institute introduced open technique of such tensionless repair by the use of mesh in1984andlater on laparoscopic mesh repair was performed in year 1991-1992.
The cranial and caudal vertebrae of each specimen were embedded in an upright tensionless position using self-curing denture acrylic (Shanghai New Century Dental Material Co.
a hopelessly meandering, tensionless score that sounds like the most
For a woman to be successful, wise and tensionless, she must understand the physiology of her body, and accommodate to its functions to be able to communicate with it, and then deal with the surrounding circumstances.
In the rest of this essay, I thus wish to address precisely these infrequent, but also potentially revealing, war-inspired stories in the Novelle per un anno (from now on Novelle), and consider them as something other than just the insignificant, tensionless "burle e bozzetti" Isnenghi barely mentions in his book (39).
AxoGuard Nerve Connector is a porcine submucosa extracellular matrix ("ECM") coaptation aid for tensionless repair of severed nerves.