tensor tympani

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Noun1.tensor tympani - a small muscle in the middle ear that tenses to protect the eardrum
tensor - any of several muscles that cause an attached structure to become tense or firm
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Anterior compartment from isthmus or through Tensor Tympani Fold if incomplete,
In addition, the bone of contention was "can such a small bony spicule be a source of craniofacial pain?" Although it is inviting to speculate that the intricate vascular and diverse neural networks within the tensor tympani muscle attached to the pterygoid hamulus as a plausible explanation, it cannot be substantiated by the scarcity of reports published in the literature.
They describe tinnitus and hyperacusis in literature, film, and music; the mechanism and time course of tinnitus associated with hearing impairment; animal models; psychological mechanisms; tinnitus in military and veteran populations; drug-induced tinnitus; somatic modulation; the influence of amplified music; middle ear myoclonus and tonic tensor tympani syndrome; pulsatile tinnitus; acoustic shock; hearing aids for tinnitus; cochlear implants and tinnitus; self-help interventions; misophonia and phonophobia; musical hallucinations; managing tinnitus in childhood and adults; and emerging approaches to treatment.
Exploration of the middle ear revealed a well-encapsulated cholesteatoma abutting the tympanic membrane, promontory, malleus, cochleariform process, tensor tympani tendon, and bony annulus.